Zeal for Life Challenge

The simplicity of the Zeal for Life Challenge starts with the nutritional power of Zeal Wellness, an all-in-one, natural, nutritional drink. This proprietary formula contains a synergistic blend of whole food concentrates, ionic minerals and adaptogens from around the world. Exotic superfoods combine to deliver powerful results helping recreate and maintain health all over Canada. To get this much nutrition in pill form would require up to 56 capsules, but Zeal Wellness is conveniently packaged in powdered form. It’s simple… just add water or your favorite juice, shake and enjoy once a day. Zeal Wellness was designed to enrich, restore and protect the body from the environmental stresses of everyday life. Doctors, fitness specialists and nutritionists promote a healthy, active lifestyle while coaching Challengers to create healthy living habits.

Concern for Better Health is Spreading

People from all walks of life are recognizing the negative impact of a diet high in processed foods and refined sugars but low in the nutrition they need, lacking many of the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. More and more, they are energized about setting health goals, improving their overall wellness, losing weight and reinvigorating their lives—but they’re often confused, wondering how they can get that crucial nutrition when their lifestyles seem to dictate their nutritional habits. Many are excited to have discovered the incredible nutrition of whole food concentrates, and a product that has taken the guess work out of nutrition. They are turning to Zeal Wellness to give their bodies what they need for optimal function, and even weight loss. The result? They’re taking the Zeal for Life Challenge and moving toward better health, leaner bodies and higher levels of energy!


Set Goals and Reach for Success

Because we are driven to help every person believe that they matter, we've created an opportunity where people from all walks of life can set goals and reach for success by sharing our products with other people.
Everyone has the opportunity to participate in and create a weekly income, as well as recurring long-term monthly earnings.

For complete information email: peter@petereckel.ca